Core values of Phoenix Saffron

Core Values:

  • Honesty: We are honest in thought, words, and behavior with ourselves, the organization, our colleagues.

  • Trust: Our voice in the organization is mutual trust and our efforts are to gain the growing trust of the community.

  • Respect: Respect for colleagues, organization, community, and especially customers is one of our most important behavioral characteristics.

  • Teamwork: Empathy, teamwork, and participation in value creation for the organization and customers are the most important foundations of our performance.

  • Discipline: Believe in the discipline in all our activities and adhere to its implementation.

  • Responsibility and accountability for performance: Commitment thinking, responsible behavior, and accountability in achieving the goals of the organization are the foundation of our organizational culture.

  • Learning and developing the ability of colleagues: Training, remembrance, personal development and transfer of experience in our organization is a continuous activity.

  • Commitment and loyalty: We are committed to achieving the goals, brand of the organization, and the health of the community and strive for it with commitment.

Mission of Phoenix Saffron


Supply, production and distribution of quality food products, in various and attractive packages by observing the principle of honesty, respect and value creation for customers in order to promote community health, using specialized human resources to compete in the international market.

Vision of Phoenix Saffron


Leading in the supply and supply of saffron and packaged food products with the ability to compete globally and with the aim of creating common value for all stakeholders.