How to Use Saffron?

Updated: Mar 2

Although Persian saffron does not spoil or rot, it does lose its aroma and flavor after prolonged storage. The proper storage of saffron will preserve it for longer periods. Persian saffron needs to be wrapped or placed in an airtight dark glass container and kept in a cool place. Following this, it can be stored for almost 6 months. To preserve longer, saffron can be stored for up to 2 years in the freezer.

Crushing the saffron threads releases its rich aroma and deep yellow color. To prepare Persian saffron in an ancient way, take the desired amount of the threads and put it in a mortar with few sugar crystals. Then convert the mixture to a finely ground powder using a pestle. Mix the powder with warm, lukewarm, or cold water or white wine to bring out the perfect scent and dye of Persian saffron and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Using too much saffron will create a bitter taste so choose the correct amount for the perfect scenery. Few drops of prepared saffron liquid give more than enough texture and taste to your plate.

To cook with saffron, it can be added directly to the ingredients either in powder form, liquid, or even threads. Despite some thinks that prolonged heating of Persian saffron may diminish the aroma and taste, but experienced chefs believe cooking ingredients along with saffron drowns the food in taste and scent.

By Phoenix Saffron

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